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Earlier people were not aware of the scroll test and didn’t know its uses. If their mouse scroll wheel was not working properly, then they just assumed that the mouse is defective. They simply do not care about the reasons behind it. 

But now you can easily see if you have a defective wheel by taking the scrolling test. 

What is a Scroll Test?

It is a test designed to measure the scrolling speed of the user. This test is also known as Scroll Speed Test as well as the Roller Speed test. There are many online platforms and other software that can be used to measure a scrolling test. 

In this test, you must scroll vertically to measure how fast you can scroll on a screen. You can also measure how many pixels are scrolled per second with the help of this test. 

Why Scroll Test?

The scrolling is done with the help of a mouse. Peak scroll speed determines the whole measure of scrolling through the entire session of this test. Checking the scrolling speed through your mouse is the first advantage that you get through this test but there are other advantages too.

Features of the scrolling test 

  • It is simple to use as well as a convenient tool that is free of cost. 
  • Users can access the scrolling test 24/7 as it is a web-based browser test.
  • You can get precise results about your scrolling speed in pixels per the second unit.
  • This test is free from any viruses and malware. So rest assured, your PC is safe.

Horizontal vs vertical scrolling

These are the two types of scrolling that can be done with the help of a mouse. So let’s take a look at each one of them.

Horizontal scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is a type of scrolling in which the user has to scroll from left to right on the screen with the mouse. It generally depends on the horizontal speed of the mouse.  This type of scrolling is suitable for website designers who have to display large visuals on the website. Navigation through pages becomes easier with this scrolling.

Vertical scrolling

Vertical scrolling is one of the most common scrolling that is used to check the mouse speed. You have to scroll up and down on the window with your mouse. The mouse speed or scrolling speed would be displayed on your screen. 

What is hyper-scrolling?

Hyper-scrolling is simply scrolling a computer mouse upwards or downwards at super fast speed. This is one of the best features which is used mainly when you are reading long documents and pages. Gamers can also use hyper-scrolling in certain games. 

How to take the scrolling speed test? 

The steps to perform this test are given below. 

  1. Click on and you will be redirected to the homepage
  2. There is a tool section present where all tools and tests are located. One of these tools includes a scrolling test. Click on this tool. 
  3. After clicking on this option and starting the scrolling test you will be required to scroll as fast as you can on the screen. 
  4. After the scrolling test will is completed, your scrolling speed will be displayed on your screen.
  5.  You can track your scrolling speed and perform better if you are not satisfied with it. If you want to attain maximum speed, you can scroll and take this test for free until you get the desired result. 

What are the causes of the mouse wheel not scrolling?

It might also be possible that you are scrolling as fast as you can, but you are not getting the desired result. This might be possible because your mouse is not working properly and it’s slow speed. 

Following are some responses that you can get if your mouse is defective and your result is unexpected.

  • If your mouse is fully defective, then the scroll test will show no result at all or no speed at all.
  • It is also possible that your test might not even start. This is due to a functionless mouse which means that you have a mouse in which the crawler does not work.
  • Even if you have called faster or your mouse has a high scroll speed even then, the result would show a low scroll speed. 

How to fix it when the mouse scroll stops functioning

  • Reconnect the USB wire of the mouse again with the computer. Make sure the USB port is perfectly fine. If not then try replacing the USB wire with a new one.  
  • Low battery can cause a wireless mouse to stop functioning and scrolling. You can swap batteries or put in a new one to fix it.
  • Mouse rollers need to be cleaned. Clean out all the dust particles of food particles that might be stuck in the mouse roller. 
  • Make sure you use a clean touchpad for your mouse. 
  • You can also update and install new mouse drivers on your computer. 


Q1. How can I test my mouse scroll?

Ans: You can hold the mouse’s center and wait for the wheel on the website to go green. Make sure you scroll the mouse as fast as possible. 

Q2. What is the fastest mouse scroll speed?

Ans: The current fastest mouse scroll speed is the Logitech G502 HERO, as it can go up to 100 to 25,000 DPI. 

Q3. What is scroll speed?

Ans: It is a value that is calculated by the division of scroll distance and scroll time.