Jitter Click Test

Jitter clicking is a clicking technique that has gained quite a popularity from Minicraft due to the surprisingly fast clicking speed it provides. Many gamers from around the world practice this technique and accomplish incredible CPS speeds.

If you also want to test your CPS speed while Jitter clicking but know nothing about the Jitter click test, then this article will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is a Jitter Click Test?

Jitter test is an online clicking test that helps you measure and practice your clicking speed. Jittering is a technique that many pro gamers use in their game. This technique doesn’t only involves your finger for clicking, but all your hand, arm, and wrist are working together to press the mouse button as fast as possible.

The software is responsible for counting the number of clicks you made in a specific time and then displaying the results with clicks per second.

Importance of Jitter Click Test

Every gamer wants to increase his clicking speed to become a better player. But how to improve clicking speed is the real problem.

The jitter test is a great way to improve your clicking speed and practice control over the mouse. As it measures the number of clicks, you make and also how much progress you have made by keeping track of your scores. After practicing with this test, you will be able to perform much better in a real game.

How Can You Perform It

Once you are comfortable with your position, click on the designated zone of the screen. The timer will start from the first mouse click in the Clicking area. Try to register as many jitter clicks in the specified time as you can as every second and every click counts. 

When the time is over, you will get your results on the screen in clicks per second. Usually, a default time interval of 5 seconds is selected, but if you want to change the duration, you can do so in the menu.

The objective of jitter clicking is to enable you to improve your clicks per second to perform better in your clicking games such as Minecraft and Roblox.

How to Calculate Jitter by Clicking

Jitter Clicking is calculated similarly to the simple click test. As the jitter test also calculates the average of the number of clicks compared to the number of seconds of the test. So the faster you click in a specified time, the higher your click rate will be.

For example, if you made 90 clicks in 8 seconds, your click per second rate for jitter clicking will be 11.25 or 11 clicks per second.

How to Choose the Right Mouse for Jitter Clicking

You should consider a few things before finding the best mouse that would increase your clicking speed. A few of the most crucial ones are listed below:


  • This mouse clicking technique can probably break your mouse if it’s not sturdy because you will be clicking very fast and continuously. Therefore you need a mouse that is durable enough. 
  • This is also crucial because sometimes you need to click much harder than usual for Jitter Clicking.

Perfect Fit

Most people have the wrong perception that big mouse are better. 

Mouse are just like shoes; they need to fit you perfectly to be comfortable. Ideally, you should get a mouse that is only big enough for you to wrap your hand around it easily.

Mechanical VS Optical Switch

  • The traditional (Mechanical) mouse transfers an electrical signal to send click information to the computer. Hence, It takes longer duration for the click to get registered by the computer.
  • In contrast, an optical switch mouse transmits information with a beam of light to the computer, which happens almost instantly and thus registers clicks faster to the computer.

Tips to Become a Pro in Jitter by Clicking

  • While you are usually advised not to tense your muscle in other clicking techniques, in Jitter clicking, you must tense up your forearm to the point that it starts shaking to the tip of your finger. 
  • It’s best to have a fingertip grip on your mouse while jitter clicking. Fingertip grip means to hold the mouse with the tips of your fingers. This is important because if your palm is in contact with the mouse, it will reduce the vibration.
  • The wrist should also be raised for the same reason. 
  • It’s better to use two fingers for Jitter clicking the mouse button for better flow of vibration and making sure you click every time.
  • Mouse sensitivity should be low; otherwise, the vibration will make you go out of aim.

Features of Jitter Clicking 

  • No matter what computer systems or browsers you use, this test will run smoothly.
  • You can take the test as many times as you want.
  • In these tests, time duration can be changed to anywhere between 1 to 100 seconds.
  • These tests have a straightforward interface.
  • You would be competing against yourself to beat your own highest score.


Q1: Does Jitter clicking harm your health?

Ans: Jitter-clicking can hurt your fingers, arm, wrist, and hand over a long period of time. This is why it is advised not to continuously jitter click for over 15 – 30 seconds and stretch arms and fingers after using this technique. Overuse of this technique can also lead to Arthritis and Carpal tunneling.

Q2: Is Jitter Clicking allowed in games?

Ans: Jitter clicking is allowed as long as your not making an insane amount of clicks per second. This is because when the server detects clicks per second that are humanly impossible or continuous clicks without a decrease, you can get banned.

Q3: How long does it take to learn how to jitter click?

Ans: As simple as it looks, jitter clicking is a complicated technique to learn as it requires a lot of practice and a perfect mouse. It can take about a month for an average person to learn how to jitter and a few more to learn how to control it.