Drag Click Test

Drag clicking is a technique that pro players use whenever they want a high clicking speed that cannot be achieved by regular clicking. Just like other clicking tests, there is also a test for drag clicking, which counts the number of clicks you make in a second while you drag click. 

If you’re looking forward to performing a Drag Click test and don’t know much about it, this article has everything you need to know about the Drag Clicking test.

What Is a Drag Click Test?

A drag Click Test is a Clicking Test in which you must forcefully drag your fingers from the top of the right and left buttons of the mouse. The friction produced between the mouse and the fingers presses the mouse button and causes the mouse to register clicks.

These clicks are counted by software which displays the number of clicks you made in a second on the screen.

How Can You Perform a Drag Click Test

To perform a Drag Clicking Test, you first need to find a CPS Test and select the drag click category. For time duration, you can select anything between 1 to 100 seconds; however, usually, these tests have a default time duration of 10 seconds.

There will probably be a designated area for clicking called the clicking pad. Once you’re comfortable and ready, click on that clicking pad. The timer will start as soon as you register your first click.

Keep clicking until the timer ends, and the software tells you to stop. The results will be immediately displayed after the test.

How to Become a Pro in Drag Click Test

Drag clicking is a complex skill to learn and even harder to master. But the tips mentioned below will boost your progress in no time:

Mouse Cleaning

For drag clicking, you need to run your fingers smoothly over the mouse’s buttons while maintaining continuous friction. But, if your mouse is dirty or gets sticky, it would be impossible to do that.

The best way to clean a mouse is to damp a microfiber cloth and wrap it on two of your fingers. Now with a very gentle force, clean your mouse. You can also wet the cotton cloth with an all-purpose cleaner for better results. 

Hand Positioning and Movement

Drag clicking is unlike regular mouse clicking and requires different hand positioning and movement.

  • The wrist of your hand is raised from the surface.
  • Thumb, little finger, and ring finger is used to hold the mouse.
  • The tip of the index finger is placed on the mouse button.
  • You don’t have to move your index finger to move it over the mouse button; instead, you move your wrist forward.

Sit in a Proper Position

Maintaining a good sitting position for Drag clicking is critical because you don’t want any part of your body to be under stress so that you can focus more properly on your hand positioning and movement.

Use the Right Mouse

Here are a few things you should consider in a mouse for drag clicking

  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Fits perfectly in your hands
  • Capable of registering multiple clicks at once

Features of a Drag Click Test

  • This game runs smoothly on all types of computer systems and browsers.
  • It has a simple interface and user friendly.
  • You can take the test as much as you want.
  • In these tests, you can choose a time duration variation from 1 to 100 seconds.
  • It keeps track of your highest score.

How Many Drag Clicks per Second Is Fast

In regular clicking, the average cps for most people is around 5 to 7, and anything above that is considered fast. But in the case of drag clicking, the average cps is around 8 to 12 clicks and above that is fast.

Things You Need to Know About Drag Clicking

Not every mouse can be used in drag clicking. You should prefer using a gaming mouse that also features double click.

Drag clicking is a very rough technique. If your mouse isn’t durable enough, it can get broken by dragging the fingers over the mouse buttons. Therefore you should start with a durable mouse for drag clicking.

Drag clicking is not allowed in some games like Hypixel in Minecraft. Thus, using these techniques in these games can get you banned if the server can detect the insane amount of clicks you are producing.

What Is the Best Tape for Drag Clicking?

Putting tape on the mouse button improves drag clicking, but not every tape is good enough. Here are some tapes that will take your drag clicking to another level.

Silicone Grip Tape

This tape gives impressive results in drag clicking as you can increase a few clicks per second using this tape. Silicone Grip Tape is more expensive than electric tape, but considering the performance, it is worth the extra money.

Razer Tape

Of all the tapes on our list, the Razer Tape is the most expensive, but the improvement it offers in drag clicking is slightly less than silicone tape.

Electrical Tape

This is the most affordable option of all the other tapes and performs exceptionally well in drag clicking.


Q1: Is Drag Clicking Cheating?

Ans: Yes! Drag Clicking is Cheating because it increases your Clicking speed unfairly to a level that your opponents can’t stand a chance against you. However, you can use it without getting caught as long as you don’t register an unnaturally high CPS.

Q2: How to Drag Click With Tape?

Ans: To drag click with tape, you need to stick a piece of tape vertically on your mouse button and then move the tip of your finger on it by pushing your wrist forward.

Q3: Can I Drag Click with sweaty hands?

Ans: Drag clicking is all about friction between the mouse button and your fingers. If you have sweaty hands, you will be unable to move your fingers on the mouse button with enough friction to register a decent amount of clicks. Hence it’s necessary to keep your hands dry while drag clicking.