CPS Test is an online tool that is designed by James. Being a passionate gamer and a coder by profession. He was playing Minecraft, but his life was miserable when playing 1 vs 1 combat mode in Minecraft. His opponents would always have the upper hand due to his slow clicking speed.

He got so much frustrated with the constant losses that he decided to check out for a hack. Little did he know that he can improve his game by simply improving his clicking speed.

He scraped the whole internet but could not find any good tools in the market that would improve his clicking speed. That’s when he decided to write the code for the CPS test. It took him a few months to test the tool for its full potential and add out-of-the-box features for training different aspects of his clicking.

But, after finalizing the design and seeing drastic improvements in his clicking speed. He decided to launch the tool on cpstest.gg for free because he loves the gaming community and knows that other people like him are struggling with the same thing.

Cps test is a free tool that can use in any browser. You can take the test now and let us know in case you have any suggestions for the tool.